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Akin's Natural Foods

AKiN’S Natural Foods stores are one of the longest operated natural foods markets in the nation.  Since 1935, AKiN’S Natural Foods has been recognized as one of the most complete and innovative retailers of  Natural Foods in the world.  Beyond supplements, cruelty free cosmetics, organic groceries, 100% organic produce, fresh packaged foods, pet supplies and unusual cooking and gift items, AKiN’S has the most knowlegable and well-trained staff in the industry.

Store Policies / Services
Our groceries contain only pure ingredients:
• no sulfites
• no artificial colors and flavors
• no artificial sweeteners
• no growth hormones
• no bleached flour
• no synthetic MSG
• 100% certified organic
• no pesticides
• no irradiation
Vitamins, Herbs, Minerals, etc.:
• no artificial sweeteners
• no artificial colors
• no synthetic additives or fillers
• no artificial colors
• no animal testing
Household products:
• no chlorine bleach
• no phosphates
• environmentally friendly
We do stock a limited number of products not meeting our standards for people on very restricted diets where no alternatives can be found.
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