Clean Living in a Chemical World : Detoxing Your Body

Detoxification is the removal of toxins from the body. Normally, a healthy body can rid itself of toxins naturally through its own elimination systems. But because the body is constantly bombarded with pollutants, pesticides and chemicals in foods, water and air, nutrition experts suggest period cleansing to support the body’s natural detoxification processes.


Here are my top 3 steps for a full cleansing program. Remember that all supplements and dietary changes should be discussed with a health care provider prior to use.



Set aside time for a cleanse. It can be as little as one day or as much as 3 weeks. During the cleanse, maintain your daily routine, but limit exercise to low impact activities such as walking, yoga or swimming.

For your diet, eliminate obvious toxins, such as refined and fried foods, alcohol and excessive caffeine. Choose instead organic fruits and vegetables, yogurt, seeds and nuts, and drink lots of pure alkaline water. Increase fiber intake to help eliminate toxins and improve colon function.

To best support the process of detoxification, utilize appropriate cleanse formulas with herbs and nutrients that support cleansing and detoxification. N-acetyl cysteine is a powerful antioxidant and liver detoxifier. NAC has been shown to provide protection against a number of toxic substances including tobacco smoke, alcohol, and drugs such as acetaminophen. Milk thistle and dandelion help cleanse and support the functioning of the liver. Burdock and red clover support cleansing of the blood.


When coming off a cleanse program, it is important to maintain a good healthy diet of fresh foods, still avoiding fried and rich foods. Include a greenfoods supplement to restore and nourish the body, and to help rebuild a good intestinal environment.



Now that you have completed a cleanse, maintain good health habits through good choices in diet, exercise and supplement support. Consume a healthy diet, rich in fiber, fruits and vegetables, along with beneficial fats. Maintain a consistent exercise routine. Take a basic regimen of supplements for overall health including an Omega 3 fatty acid, vitamin D and a daily probiotic.

Paragon’s CLEAR DETOX SUPPORT is a comprehensive formula offered in easily digestible capsules. This is just one of a carefully curated array of other natural, holistic allergy treatments available at Akin’s stores or on our online store.

Life is yours. Give it a good cleanse from time to time.

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